My Lockdown Experience


This ‘new world we find ourselves in has being difficult and there is a lot of talk about staying present and how by doing so we can really calm our mind and bodies, however if this ‘new world’ aka lockdown, has taught me anything it would be that it’s not very easy for our human monkey mind to master. It can be a challenge to practice ‘self-love’.

I have listened and learned from great people like Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dwyer, and Fr Anthony de Mello and others and the key message I heard is in order to become present we first need to become aware, the burning question is how does one master this awareness and stay present, stay in the present moment all the moments of the day?

On the 1st March a major dream came through for me when we opened the doors of The Health Hub on main street Loughrea.  Here my school of reflexology had found a home and much more.  I have always felt that there was a need for a multi-disciplinary fully integrated natural health centre in the west of Ireland, so when the opportunity arose to start the health hub in a purpose-built centre with 2 state of the art yoga studios and 5 practitioner rooms, I jumped at the chance. It was an effortless process to put a winning team in place as many of my fellow practitioners had shared this dream also.  We now have an incredible team in place and we are adopting an integrative comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing so that our practitioners can help improve our client’s health and their quality of life. Our aim is not only to offer integrated health care but to have the largest number of therapists under one roof, so that every client can avail of a multi-disciplined approach where appropriate.

(Don’t worry this dream is still very much alive and we have continued to work behind the scenes to be ready when the restrictions are lifted to share this amazing service with you.  To find out more check out our FB page

On the 13th March 2020 when it was announced all schools would close, I was gutted.  My school of Reflexology and Holistic Therapies based in Loughrea, Co. Galway, was fully booked for the year ahead with weekend courses including the very popular Indian Head Massage Course and I was launching my spring diploma course in reflexology, the timing could not have being worse for me. Up to this point 2020 was shaping up to be a very exciting year of expansion and growth both in my business and in my world in general.  I had worked hard and felt the culmination of all my efforts were coming together very nicely in 2020, I was excited and full of enthusiasm and passion for the months ahead.

When the lockdown began I initially went into a bit of a slump but then I quickly decided and truly believed that this was an amazing opportunity for me to get all the decluttering done, all the online study that I had started and not completed done, tidy up and do a much needed declutter on my home office, finish off new workshop content etc, etc, the list got longer and longer.  I figured since my work life has stopped I would have all this energy I would do yoga online, go for long walks and that I would emerge rested, more educated, a renewed me if you like.  The truth was for the first few weeks I barely got out of the pj’s and into a tracksuit, all the home baking I thought I might do never got started, I sat in-front of my laptop writing to-do lists and feeling as if I accomplished nothing at the end of the day, and as for my energy I was sleeping more than I ever had since I was a teenager and I was exhausted.

So I decided it was time to sit with it, to allow myself to move at a slower pace to try and enjoy what I doing in the now, enjoy the present moment and slowly very slowly I noticed a lot was getting done,  my do list was shrinking and I started to regain my ‘mo-jo’ I was getting back to a little routine and the more I was letting go the more I was getting done.

What also helped me more than anything was a post I shared about sending out ‘free oil’ samples. I was blown away with the response to my post and in order to help those who responded I asked for them to share with me in a private message their top health priorities so that I could match an oil that might help. The joy I got from the feeling that I was helping people in some small way by sending little packages with hand written addresses, the joy I knew these tiny samples of oil would bring into each and every house that I posted them to, gave me such a boost and reminded me that we can always be of service no matter what the circumstances. (if you have never tired the power of essential oils and would like to email me and I’ll arrange a free sample to be sent to you – email:

This is a  ‘new world’ some have little to do and are happy with it some find that stressful and have financial concerns, many are working on the front-line in stressful conditions and some are now juggling with working from home and being a full-time parent as well as running the home 24/7 with little or none of the previous support that were available.  In these challenging times anxiousness and low mood are omnipresent and it’s hard not to just look in their direction every now and then.  I feel it’s okay to visit that place of anxiousness or low mood to acknowledge it but I try to observe it without judgement to ask what I need to learn? and I’m super conscious of not allowing myself to dwell there, and if I do find myself there longer than I intend I just repeat ‘this too will pass’….

When I find myself on the path of anxiousness or low mood I just remind myself of the truth and the truth for me is we are unique there is no other person in this world like you. Everyone deserves to be loved but not only by those around them but by the most important person in their life — YOU.

Is it challenging to practice self-love ? well YES of course it is, especially when we are in survival mode, but the real truth is self-love is the most selfless thing you can do because when you love yourself the ripple effect is huge.

Self-Love is a practice, an everyday practice.  Practicing a self-love daily ritual is a non-negotiable for me because when I practice self-love I come out of that survival mode and begin to truly live a life where it’s possible to not  just survive but where it’s possible to truly shine. I believe it is our birthright to shine to be happy to find our purpose and tapping into that belief and practicing self-love was the key for me.

A daily self-love practice that I have done for some time now is setting myself up for the day, there are 3 simple steps to be completed every morning, it’s also known as a power hour so if you have an hour to complete this it will be of all the more beneficial but starting with 6 mins and building up to 60 mins is much better than not starting at all.

Step 1:    2 mins Meditation – sitting quietly for 2 mins or 20 mins of deep meditation whatever works!

Step 2:    2 mins movement – light stretches or a 20 min walk whatever works for you

Step 3:    2 mins of spiritual practice – that can be as simple as reading a positive affirmation, or writing your journal of intention to set you up for the day – again whatever works for you.

Sending lots of love and virtual hugs let’s all share the love by starting with self-love. 