Success Habits to a Healthier Lifestlye

Question: What is a HABIT?

Answer: A learned behaviour that has been repeated so many times it has become something we do on auto pilot

So how do we change something that has become something we do on autopilot?
Because a Habit is a learned behaviour in order to change we need to first acknowledge the habit we want to change, then we must take action, then we must have the desire to repeat the new habit until it eventually becomes a learned behaviour.

4 Steps to success:

  1. Acknowledge the habit
  2. Take Action
  3. Have the desire to repeat the new habit
  4. Repeat unit it becomes a learned behaviour

If you want to make Food and Lifestyle habits changes have a look at the following tips and implement the top 4 tips above.

  1. Planning
    Always plan your food in advance
  2. Shopping
    Only buy what is on your list – avoid the special offers in supermarkets or try online shopping
  3. Eat Regularly
    Getting to the point where you are really hungry makes it very difficult to resist the easy option.
  4. Store-Cupboard
    Clean out your store cupboard and remove all trigger foods from it and your shopping list.
  5. Portion Sizes
    5 small meals a day are better than 3 large ones- use a smaller plate.
  6. Leave Food on the plate
    Listen to your body it will tell you when it’s full
  7. Chew your food slowly
    It’s essential for healthy digestion
  8. Eat at the table in one room – this aids mindful eating. Eating in front of the TV or at your desk can lead to over eating
  9. Water
    Drink plenty of water, many hunger cues are actually thirst.
  10. Eating Out
    Order extra side dishes of non- starchy veg or salad. If possible ring ahead and get the menu choices before you go.
  11. Supplements
    Get into the habit, of taking them every day, they are a great ally when you are trying to make changes to your diet and increase your energy levels.
  12. Alcohol
    Moderation is the key – It is very easy to get into the habit of having a drink every evening perhaps it helps you relax, create a new habit to relax and unwind
  13. Variety
    Don’t get bored with the same food week in week out, add variety and colour to your food try out a new recipe every week or several times a week if you have the time..
  14. Lifestyle balance
    Ensure you have a good balance between work and play! We often forget to build enjoyment and fun in as work takes priority.
    Reward yourself every week and take time out for yourself every day. (10 mins for you)
  15. Comfort Eating
    Think of other, more positive, ways to take care of yourself.
  16. Boredom
    Do you eat when you are bored? What do you Eat? ,Why do you eat? ,When do you eat? How do you Eat?
  17. Respond positively
    If you’ve had a ‘bad food day’, don’t beat yourself up about it, just think about the causes, what you can do differently next time.
  18. Notice any unhelpful cues about when to eat.
    Use your hunger as the guide not the clocks or what other people are doing
  19. No time to be healthier?
    If this is one of your common excuses, challenge yourself: is it really true… Where do you waste time? Where do you have gaps?
  20. Less TV!
    The average person spends about 17 years in front of the TV! Could your reclaim just a half an hour?
  21. Support is Key
    Ensure you have a strong support network around you: friends, family & professionals