Workshops & Training

  • NRRI Accredited Diploma in Reflexology

    Reflexology has the ability to create incredible positive change on a physical and emotional level but combined with nutritional training and the importance of resting and managing stress, this programme is a game changer.  It will teaches you how to live a life of abundant well-being, one that delivers consistently good levels of energy, emotional balance, a sharp mind and the ability to cope with life’s stresses

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  • NRRI Accredited Indian Head Massage

    Whether you are  you an existing therapist who would like to expand your skills or are you interested in learning a wonderful natural therapy that is easy to learn to practice on family and friends. this 2 day training will equip you with the knowledge and skill to carry our a treatment that ahas being used with powerful results for thousands of years.

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  • NRRI Accredited Reflexology for Cancer Care

    This programme aims to equip you with the confidence and knowledge to help those who have or are experiencing cancer. It is also very beneficial for those who want to get pro-active in avoiding a future diagnosis.

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  • NRRI Accredited Reflexology Refresher Course

    Are you a Lapsed Reflexologist? This refresher course is perfect for the therapist who hasn’t practiced their skill for a while or has perhaps had a set-back which affected their confidence.

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  • NRRI Accredited Baby & Toddler Reflexology for Therapists

    Our instinctive nature to rub or cuddle our children when they are in pain or distress, means reflexology can bring great comfort and relief especially in times of discomfort or stress.  Its effectiveness is made all the more powerful by being so easy and convenient to adapt the reflexology technique into baby’s normal routine.

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  • NRRI Accredited Hand Reflexology

    Hand Reflexology is an ancient healing art. It can be an invaluable to the therapist and lay person alike. Once you have learned how to carry out this treatment it will enable you to treat many common ailments and prevent many health problems from occurring..

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