Therapies & Coaching

  • Nutritional Weight Loss

    Good nutrition is the key to vibrant health and wellbeing. With so much information now available on what to eat what not to eat maintaining a balanced diet can present an overwhelming challenge. This programme will equip you with the confidence to make healthy food choices.

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  • Indian Head Massage

    Whilst the name Indian Head Massage may suggest that we only massage the head the truth is that is so much more. When a full Indian head massage is received it works the whole body.

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  • Reflexology

    Reflexology is a safe simple and natural treatment. Reflexology can calm, uplift and revitalise the whole body.  By working on the feet which we believe mirrors every structure, organ and gland in your body, you will receive a holistic treatment that rejuvinates, mind body and soul, aids healing and can prevent future ailments by assisting the body to de-stress and rebalance.

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