Welcome to MF Wellness, School of Reflexology and Holistic Therapies.

My name is Maureen Fynes and I am a woman on a mission to inspire people to take proactive care of their health and wellbeing.

As a professional health coach, and a principal of MF Wellness School of Reflexology,  I facilitate people to be the healthiest they can be via reflexology, nutritional coaching, and other holistic therapies.

I began my journey by studying to become a reflexologist.   I began the part-time course because I needed a change in my life and it was to start me on a journey of such self-discovery that at times still blows my mind.  This ancient are inspired me so much and together with the expert training that I recevied I started my practice as soon as I had qualified.  I then went on to continue my studies and and development to become a tutor myself.

I now run MF Wellness School of Reflexology and holistic therapies and my hope is that everyone who trains with the school will discover their own unique abilities as a person and will be fully facilitated by me and the teachings of the school to fulfil their unique purpose.

I see my role as a facilitator to help each student to develop their skills and their awareness so that they can in-turn go on and help others to do the same. Learning a new skill is always interesting, sometimes challenging but my genuine hope is that learning a new skill at MF Wellness School of Reflexology and holistic therapies will be a totally fulling experience on every level.

It is my strongest belief that the key to living well full of energy and vitality lies within us all, it’s up to each and every one of us to get pro-active about our health and well-being.

I want people who come through my programmes to be educated, and empowered to move towards a lifestyle that leads to a healthy strong mind, body and spirit.

I wish you the very best for your health and wellness.


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