Hand Reflexology is an ancient healing art. It can be an invaluable to the therapist and lay person alike. Once you have learned how to carry out this treatment it will enable you to treat many common ailments and prevent many health problems from occurring.

Hand reflexology requires no special equipment or creams and it can be carried out anywhere anytime, eg. Whilst watching TV when traveling on an airplane, whilst listening to music etc.

By treating yourself once a week you can improve and maintain your health whilst greatly assisting and managing stress.

Hand reflexology is a simple natural non-invasive method of applying gentle pressure to all the surfaces of the hands using your fingers and thumbs.

In reflexology we believe our hands are a mirror image or mini map of the body, and that the physical, mental spiritual and emotion health of the body is reflected on the hands.

Every organ, structure and gland is reflected in miniature on the hands.

The health of the right hand-side of the body is reflected on the right hand and the left on the left hand.

There is a healing reflex area for every individual part of the body, and as these reflexes are stimulating the body’s natural healing forces are awakening and stimulated.

Vital energy is allowed to flow freely, blockage are released and optimal health can be restored.


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