Reflexology and Understanding Infertility and Fertility Treatment


14th June 2024

A one of a kind unique collaboration.

 MF Wellness School of Reflexology


 Spring Sanctuary Counselling and Psychotherapy


I am delighted to announce that Miriam Finnerty of Spring Sanctuary Counselling and Psychotherapy and I (Maureen Fynes MF Wellness School of Reflexology) have teamed up to deliver this workshop entitled “Reflexology and Understanding Infertility and Fertility Treatment”

Both Miriam and I feel that this is an extremely important topic and one that is not understood or talked about enough.

“Approximately one in six couples in Ireland experience fertility difficulties”

This workshop aims to provide therapists with an understanding of what infertility means, its causes, the impact and the fertility treatments available to heterosexual couples, people from the LGBTIAQ+ community and single parents by choice.

The intention of this workshop is that the therapist is not only confident in their reflexology treatment but is equipped to hold space for a client who presents with infertility concerns or is receiving fertility treatment.

This workshop will support your understanding of the complex area of infertility and fertility treatments so you can focus on the client’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

The workshop will be delivered in 2 parts

In Part 1 – Miriam will introduce you to :

  • Infertility and what it is.
  • Fundamentals of Treatment Options
  • Basic Impact on Individuals and Couples
  • Foundational Overview of the Role of Fertility Counselling

By the end of part 1 the therapist will feel confident in having the basic knowledge of what infertility is, its effects on the individual/couple and the fertility treatment options available.

There will be a case study along with reflection and discussion time throughout the workshop to support experiential learning and developing your understanding of the topic.

In Part 2 – A hands on revision of the main Reflexology points to consider including:-

  • Revisiting the endocrine system
    • What it is
    • How it works
    • Where it is mapped on the feet
  • How and why it’s important to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Revisit the reproductive system – Female and Male
  • Reflexology during IVF
  • Intake form and consultation techniques to help you plan your reflexology treatments
  • Cautions and contra-indicators
  • How infertility affects your clients emotionally and physically, some advanced techniques to work the nervous system.
  • Homecare points for female and male clients
  • The importance of good nutrition during this time.
  • Visualisation techniques – getting the mind and emotions involved

Who Can Attend This Course:

This course is for qualified Reflexologists.


Date: 14th June 2024

Time: 12 noon – 6pm


The Health Hub Main Street Loughrea H62N206

Your Investment


100 CPD points awarded where applicable.

Course Fee: €190

Deposit of €50 will secure your place.


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