Reflexology is not the invention of any single person or culture.  In fact some form of therapeutic treatment through touching the feet has been in existence in many cultures of the world from ancient times.  It is because of this that reflexology has being described as a form of archetypal therapy found everywhere and to which no one culture can claim authorship.

Reflexology facilitates healing on all levels, treating body, mind and spirit.

Reflexology  is a safe, simple and natural treatment that you can use to calm uplift and revitalize your family and friends.

It is as pleasurable to give as it is to give.



  1. It improves the function of the circulatory system as it delivers fresh blood which carries vital supplies of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and takes away their waste products such as carbon dioxide, as the tissues are nourished healing is encouraged.
  2. It works on the cardiovascular system and is also very beneficial for people with heart issues as it can lower blood pressure and strengthens the heart.
  3. The lymphatic systems can also greatly benefit from Reflexology as any toxins, waste products or excess fluids that have accumulated in the tissues can be eliminated.
  4. The immune system is boosted so that we come less susceptible to common colds, flu and other illnesses and if we do become ill recovery can be faster.
  5. Reflexology is excellent for the muscular system as tension pain and stiffness are released from the muscles back, shoulders and indeed every area of the body.
  6. The skeletal system also gets a boost as it eases stiffness in the joints and increases mobility   Arthritis can also be greatly improved.


  1. The most obvious benefit here is the relief from stress and tension.
  2. When stress thresholds are exceeded we can become compromised.
  3. Reflexology has the ability to calm the mind.
  4. People often fall asleep during a treatment as it releases endorphins from the brain counteracting the stress hormones it gives us the feel good factor. The mood is elevated, anxiety and depression can be lifted and we feel uplifted and full of confidence.
  5. It can also help us cope more easily with the stresses and strains of everyday life.
  6. During a treatment oxygen can be released to the brain and this relieves mental fatigue and improves clarity of thought and concentration, creativity, new ideas and productivity can all be improved.
  7. Post treatment people report to have higher energy levels and feel lighter and full of vitality. Reflexology as with many other energy therapies works on our subtle energy centres which are known as chakra. These centres can be balanced and aligned at the end of a treatment enabling energy to flow freely and healing to take place.
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