Do We Need to Detox?

It’s January, so that means we are being bombarded with media around detoxing.

The truth is our body is very capable of taking care of us if we give it the support it needs.

One of our most important organ in our body is our liver. This incredible organ is instrumental in ‘handling’ glucose. It stores glucose away when levels are high, or releases glucose back into the blood when levels are too low. The liver is also ‘the hub’ of free radical neutralisation.

So if you are feeling a little sluggish after the holiday season simply supporting your liver can have a powerful impact on your overall health and well-being.

The best way to support your liver is with antioxidants and ‘liver-friendly foods’ this is extremely important if you want a healthy liver. The good news is a lot of these foods may already be part of your every-day diet, but if not why not try this week to add a few more or increase the ones you currently like – Your liver will thank you…..

Here are some of the foods you can add into your daily diets to support your liver: